Welcome to The Druids Garden

I believe that everyone has moments when they need to heal either mentally, physically, emotionally or spiritually. Nature is the doorway we can walk through to start healing. Our Garden, along with Traditional Herbals, Sound Therapy and the Cottage offers a calm and tranquil space in a safe and supportive environment.

Traditional Herbalist

Our wild organic garden is where I source all my herbs for the products I make. It is also a place of inspiration and connection with nature, a safe place to heal.


I am a professional Sound Therapist PL.Dip.ST (BAST) and Dip.GST (BAST). I work with individuals and groups using a variety of vibrational instruments to help people find balance in mind and body.

Country Cottage

Our cottage is renowned for its peace and rejuvenation quality. The perfect accommodation for relaxation and renewing your connection with Mother Earth.